Blockchain Hub
Along with providing physical space for blockchain
projects and startups, one of the main goals
of BitRent Hub is to advance the ideology
of blockchain around the world.
For this, the platform is actively involved in
the following activities:
organizing and holding meetings, conferences and summits concerning the blockchain technology and its active integration into all spheres
partnership program to exchange experiences and developments in the field of blockchain with companies, startups and organizations from around the world
advertising services, a set of marketing strategies
building local clubs for construction companies that will contribute to the creation of a single pool for efficient blockchain construction under the auspices of the BitRent platform
consulting services on legal issues of ICO and Pre-Sale
assessment of accuracy of the legal documentation of projects
BitRent Blockchain Hub
San Francisco
Business center, coworking commercial property
Level 0
Level 1
Blockchain Hub
Level 2
Work Zone
Level 3
Level 4
Hotel / Private
Level 5
Lounge / Terrace / Restaurant

5 000 m²

3750 m²
Building Area

1000 m²
Parking Area

1000 m²
Building Price

40 000 000 $
Token Price

0,20 $

200 000 000

4 th quarter 2019
BitRent Blockchain HUB

X 10 profitability
per year

At a cost of 1 m² of useful area
720 $
per month
The rental price for the entire facility is
2,7 mln $ ~
270 BTC per month
2,7 mln $
x 12 months = 32,4 mln $
X 10
Total: for 2 years
the recoupment
of the object =
per year
Any Location
● In the City
● Golf Club / Park
● On the Sea
Open meeting zone
New meetings research new deal
Make your presentation
Place where you can rent your workhub
Meditation Area
Place where you can get inspiration and relax
We want to create the most comfortable and full-featured working environment for blockchainers, where they will be able to not only effectively pursue the goals set and achieve success, but also grow and develop.

You do not have to sit for hours in front of the screen, comparing end-to-end solutions of other services, because BitRent Hub is always a few steps away - contact us and we will provide solutions for all your questions.
— BitRent Hub
375 North Pastoria Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA